KB4499167 fails to install for some users

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KB4499167 install errors

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Microsoft recently released KB4499167 to fix various app launch issues in Windows 10 version 1803. This Windows 10 cumulative update also focuses heavily on security. Moreover, it also brings bug fixes for other issues introduced by the previous releases.

Installing KB4499167 bumps the current version of the operating system to 17134.765. This release offers security updates for Microsoft Edge and IE. Additionally, it also brings security updates for various programs. 

Although KB4499167 addresses some important issues. However, Microsoft maintained “its tradition” to introduce new bugs with each release. Windows 10 users have reported various issues that come along with its installation.

KB4499167 reported bugs

Update fails to install

For example, one Windows user reported that he was unable to install cumulative update KB4499167. The update install process failed with the error 0x800f0900. Running the troubleshoot app or a system reboot did not solve the problem.

If you are one of those who are experiencing the same issue, here is a quick workaround for you. You can manually download the update and install it on your system. For additional solutions, use this troubleshooting guide.

Microsoft is currently investigating the issue and we can expect a fix to be released very soon. 

Windows Update Error

Another user experienced a weird issue while attempting to install the update. When the download process stopped, the system displayed the following message:

 The Update has Failed as Your PC was not switched on.

The user tried to run the troubleshooter and ran into another error: Potential Windows Update Database Error Detected. Windows Update Components must be Repaired.

Control Panel shows the update was successfully installed but the update failed to install as per the Windows Update section.

Although this is a rare issue, you may run into similar problems. You should defer KB4499167 until a permanent solution is available.



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