KB4503290, KB4503276 add minor security fixes to Windows 8.1 PCs

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This month’s Patch Tuesday updates didn’t leave out Windows 8.1 devices. If you’re still using Windows 8.1, you can now download and install monthly rollup KB4503276 and security-only update KB4503290.

The latest figures show that Windows 8.1 still manages to retain a little market share. So, it’s a good thing that Microsoft released these updates for Windows 8.1 users.

You can now download the latest Windows 8.1 cumulative updates manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog or get them automatically Windows Update.

These updates add an extra layer of protection to some core apps and components of Windows 8.1. You need to install them as soon as possible in order to protect your system against potential cyber attacks.

In this article, we are going to quickly cover some of the key changes and fixes included in KB4503276 and KB4503290.

KB4503276, KB4503290 changelog

WDS server bug fix

Both updates addressed an issue that forced the WDS server connection to terminate prematurely. Microsoft says the bug affected only those clients or devices that were configured to use Variable Window Extension.

Internet Explorer issue resolved

Microsoft addressed the issue with Internet Explorer where users encountered some bugs because of the HTTP and HTTPS string character limit for URLs.

Bluetooth connection termination issues fixed

Microsoft fixed Bluetooth connection issues for Windows 8.1 users. Previously, users were unable to connect to Bluetooth devices that were flagged as not being secure. The connection failed with the following error: Your Bluetooth device attempted to establish a debug connection.

Windows 8.1 security updates

Microsoft also released important security updates to various Windows 8.1 components such as Windows Input and Composition and Windows Server.

If you want to check what updates have been installed on your computer, go to Control Panel and navigate to the update section.

Your system will automatically download and install any pending updates. Alternatively, you can visit the Microsoft Update Catalogue to manually download the updates.


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