KB4505903 bricks your GPU drivers and won’t uninstall

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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KB4505903 fails to install with freezing and GPU problems

We all know the multitude of problems that surrounded Windows 10 May update.

Some of them, Microsoft managed to resolve. But for the most part, big problems are still present even after a couple of patches and updates.

KB4505903 leads to freezing and GPU problems

That’s the case with KB4505903. It seems like the patch is causing a lot of problems in the Windows community, many complaining about their system freezing or their drivers reverting back to Windows’ defaults.

Here’s what one user who contacted us directly had to say about KB4505903:

Auto updated to windows 1903 KB4505903 and kept hanging and freezing my system giving me a runtime broker.exe failure. Boot time went from around 30 seconds up to almost 5 minutes. Also noticed my gpu driver reverted back to windows basic display monitor and every time I tried to re install my gpu drivers it would fail. Also could not uninstall this update as it kept failing to remove. Ended up with a level 2 tech from Microsoft reinstalling 1809 and was told 1903 and KB4505903 wasn’t stable and should stay with 1809. Prior to KB4505903 I had no issues at all with my system

Reverting back the drivers seems a very odd issue, but the re-installation of the drivers is the big problem here. Also, the inability to uninstall the update means that you would have to clean install a new Windows 10 version.

Microsoft hasn’t addressed these issues and the only solution is to avoid the update, for now.

Windows 10 v1903 might drain the battery after shutdown

He is not the only one having these issues, as we have received other similar complains:

Hi, Regarding the problem “battery drain after shutdown”. I had that problem with a new Lenovo laptop. I have returned the laptop because I think it is unacceptable and the seller didn’t provide me with a solution. On this site several solutions are suggested. But I think there are two problems here. First, the laptop drains the battery when it is shut down. Second, it drains the battery COMPLETELY while you would assume that it stops at a certain point so that some battery capacity is preserved. So my question is: is it normal that the battery is FULLY drained without a mechanism to preserve some residual capacity? Reason: constantly completely unloading the battery is not good. There should be a safeguard.

It seems like Windows 10 v1903 is causing some big battery problems, but the cause wasn’t pin pointed exactly so we couldn’t confirm if it’s a KB4505903 issue or not.

There have been some update blocks in the past with the Windows 10 May update, and after these recent findings, it seems like Microsoft removed them to early.

The Redmond giant is still advising users to remain on v1809, even after a couple of months from the release of v1903. This is a worrying trend and we hope that Microsoft will soon fix all the Windows 10 v1903 problems.

If you want to avoid such problems in the near future, we recommend you to block the v1903 update.

Have you encountered similar problems on your PC?

Leave your answer in the comments section below and we’ll continue the talk.

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