Killing Floor 2 is still affected by many issues, patch is coming

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Killing Floor 2 is an impressive first-person shooter game, a sequel to the 2009’s Killing Floor. Tripwire Interactive officially released Killing Floor 2 for Windows on November 18, and the game already enjoys a large fan base.

Killing Floor 2 can be played alone or cooperatively and the action is set in the middle of a zombie outbreak, that paralyzed the whole European and the countries in its vicinity. Players’ main task is to fight the zombie waves. As the game progresses, different enemy types will appear and the final wave culminates in a boss fight.

Apart from zombies and bosses, players also have to find their way out of a maze of technical issues that severely impact the gaming experience. In this article, we’re going to list the most frequent issues reported by gamers, as well as the corresponding workarounds, if available.

Killing Floor 2 frequent game bugs

Texture issues with flashing colors

Gamers report that the map texture flashes out vibrant colors. This random unsyncronized display of colors causes a severe eye discomfort. It appears that the texture issues are caused by Hans Volter’s grenades.

I had a normal 4 round game until hans volter came in. I like to stick to the proccessing area but when Hans threw his grenades it caused almost every map texture (pipes, atmospheric fog, grates, doors, props, etc.) to flash all the vibrant colours of the rainbow seemingly randomly and very out of synch. it […] slowly fixed itself once i paused the game (it was still doing it it just slowed down and affected fewer objects). after it calmed down I continued the game and as soon as Hans threw more grenades it happened again.

Missing C4

Players complain that C4 explosives often disappear in mid-air, yet are still deducted from inventory. Tripwire Interactive has already acknowledged this bug and is working to find a solution.  The issue should be patched with the next content update.

Can anyone else here confirm that their C4s disappear mid-air? Maybe it’s just me.. The problem is that not many people use C4 anymore, not even many people play Demo. And the ones who play Demo use RPG + M79 or M203. So probably not many people experienced this.

Game launch fails with Bugsplat message

This is probably the most dreaded error message by Killing Floor 2 gamers. When they try to launch the game, Killing Floor 2 simply crashes with the Bugsplat error message. There are various workarounds to fix this problem, but no permanent fix. We’ll list all the available solutions below, hoping that at least one of them will prove efficient for you.

  1. Delete the Killing Floor 2 folder in My documents: mydocuments/mygames/killingfloor2/KFgame/config
    Then empty your Recycle Bin and launch the game again.
  2. Verify the Steam game cache.
  3. If you’re using NVIDIA, reinstall the previous driver.
  4. Change the game launch parameters:
    1. Go to Steam > right click Killing Floor 2 > select Properties
    2. Define the launch parameters > select DX10 > confirm.
    3. Open the game.

Experience profile is gone

After investing tens of hours into this game, many players were shocked to see that their experience was gone. Somehow, it seems that Killing Floor 2 can’t “choose” the right profile between the information available on your computer and Steam Save. Actions such as reinstalling the game and resetting the stats don’t solve the problem.

after quitting normally the game, i discovered that i had lose all my exp. After trying to check the game with steam, i stop trying to recover anything and played again then … it have been two game that haven’t been register. No exp at all… it is just game breaking… and heart breaking too …

Black flickering textures

Killing Floor 2 and SLI don’t get along very well, and gamers already noticed that. As long as SLI remains active, black flickering textures literally invade the game. The good news is that the game developers acknowledged the SLI bugs and are working hard to solve these issues in a future patch. For the moment, the only solution is to disable SLI and wait for the patch to come.

With the release version of KF2 I am getting black flickering textures all over the place. Disabling SLI fixes it. I have 2×980 Ti. I don’t mean to sound rude, but how can SLI work fine for like two years and then get broken on a release day patch? If there is any more information I can provide, or anything you would like me to try I would be glad to help.

No inventory in the game

This is actually a crippling problem for many players. They report that often times, when they join a map, the inventory items disappear, leaving them vulnerable. What is even more puzzling is that Steam shows the count of inventory, but gamers can’t actually see or use the items.  Tripwire Interactive and Steam are actively working to solve this problem.

[…] tonight I fired up the game to see that my entire inventory is missing in-game. When I look in the Steam inventory, it says I have 100 KF2 items, but none of them are shown. I’ve seen other people having a similar problem, but why can’t I see the items in Steam?

These are the most common bugs reported by Killing Floor 2 players. As always, if you’ve come across various workarounds to fix these issues, feel free to list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.