‘LastPass for Dell’ Windows 8, 10 App Released in the Windows Store

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A while ago we have reviewed the official LastPass app for Windows 8 users that has since received an important update. Now, while browsing through the Windows Store, I’ve observed that the official LastPass Windows 8 app for Dell users has been released
last pass windows 8 app dell
The official Windows 8 LastPass app for Windows 8 released specifically for Dell users isn’t too different than the general one, only that it comes with features that are made specific for those owning a Windows 8 Dell device. It landed in the Windows Store with a refreshed user interface and full Windows 8.1 compatibility. You can use it to make sure all your passwords and logins are stored securely, and this is an extremely useful app for those who use to work with many passwords, especially online.

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LastPass for Windows 8 makes sure all your credentials are safely stored

windows 8 last pass dell

LastPass, the leading password and data management service, stores all your logins securely, so you can access your accounts and services from anywhere. Autofill your logins, and better secure your online life. LastPass provides online users worldwide an easy, fast, and secure way to manage access to their digital life.

By using this app, you can view all of your stored sites and notes, be able to launch sites from your vault which will then autofill usernames and passwords. This is really cool as you don’t have to open the websites every time as everything is managed from the central search vault. Besides this, there’s the ability to safely synchronize your data to the cloud, and then access from other devices, be it mobile or desktop.

Besides the renowned ability to secure your online passwords and logins, the Windows 8 LastPass app can also be used to store credit cards, passports, memberships and other sensible information thanks to the secure notes option. Even more, you can even generate secure passwords, if you are not sure that the one you’ve picked is safe enough. Follow the link from below to get the official LastPass app for Windows 8 users who own a Dell device.

Download LastPass for Dell app for Windows 8


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