LastPass extension for Microsoft Edge now available, many features don’t work

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The LastPass extension is finally out, sooner than expected, and is ready to unite all your passwords under a single one, LastPass master password. Back in March, we reported on rumors suggesting that LastPass would debut later this year while last week we informed you that its developers confirmed the rumor.

LastPass is one of the best password managers out there. By simply saving all your usernames and passwords within its system, it will sync your passwords and automatically log you in to sites. As a Chrome extension, LastPass has 4 million users, and that kind of success is expected for Microsoft Edge as well. More than 300 million devices are now powered by Windows with Microsoft Edge as the default browser. Therefore, LastPass has a large pool of potential users.

As a Chrome extension, LastPass offers many useful features:

  • Store login usernames and passwords

  • Check out fast by adding credit cards & shopping profiles

  • Attach docs, PDFs, images, audio, and more

  • Save any piece of data you need to keep secure and accessible

  • Manage everything from a simple, searchable “password vault”

  • Add, edit, view, delete and organize your sites

  • Never forget another password

  • Generate strong passwords that you don’t have to remember

  • Passwords are auto filled for you as you go to your sites – less typing!

Unfortunately, many users are reporting that a lot of the long-awaited features don’t work on Windows 10, also complaining about its extremely slow functionality.

I’m glad that LastPass has delivered an Edge extension. Unfortunately, as of this review, it still needs a lot of work. Not all of the options for a given site (for example copy username and copy password) are available, and so far, autofill does not appear to work for me.

And performance, as another reviewer noted, is extremely slow. I’m also finding that new tabs (for example opening a URL) result in a blank tab.

Have you tested out the LastPass extension? How was the experience for you? If you are not satisfied with LastPass, you can also try out Enpass.



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