LastPass extension for Microsoft Edge to be released this year

Ivan Jenic By: Ivan Jenic
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Developers of a the popular authenticator app, LastPass, will release the official Microsoft Edge extension of it soon. We already reported about LastPass’ plans to release the Edge extension, and that rumor is now confirmed.

When asked on Twitter about the potential release of the new Edge extension, LastPass pointed to its blog post where it says that the extension would arrive later this year, sans an exact release date.

The blog post also said that LastPass’ team is constantly tracking Edge’s releases, perhaps in every new Windows 10 Preview Build. Microsoft is preparing the second major update for Windows 10, the Anniversary Update, and Microsoft Edge will probably receive a few more changes in the Insider Program before the public release. So, we don’t expect LastPass to release its extension before then.

Since Microsoft introduced support for extensions in Microsoft Edge, a lot of developers have become interested in developing their own Microsoft Edge extensions. Currently, you can use Adblock and Adblock Plus, as well as the Pin It Button, OneNote Clipper extensions.

Although there aren’t many right now, the latest Windows 10 Preview build brought a few new ones, and we expect more to arrive in the coming Preview builds, such as Ghostery and others.

LastPass is one of the most popular password managers in the market. It already has extensions for other major browsers, with Google Chrome’s version having more than four million active monthly users alone. Because of its popularity, LastPass believe that it will also be popular on Microsoft’s browser.

What do you think about the LastPass extension in Microsoft Edge? When do you expect it to arrive for Microsoft’s browser? Tell us in the comments below!



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