Launch date for Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update postponed

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Windows 10 mobile anniversary update

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Although the Windows 10 Anniversary update for Windows  started rolling out early last week, its mobile counterpart is yet to see any hint of an update and won’t be rolling out today.

Last week, we reported that Microsoft would release the Windows 10 anniversary update for mobile devices today, August 9, but new information surfaced that suggests otherwise. Donar Sakar, head of the Windows Insider Program, just shared the news on Twitter:

Microsoft started to roll out the Windows 10 Anniversary update to PCs last week, and both the Xbox One and the HoloLens received the update. The Anniversary update for Windows 10 mobile will include feature additions similar to the ones on PCs, but with a mobile context.

Its major iterations are in the Windows camera app, which now has an added panorama option, and the Skype app which is hugely improved to fix problems that have plagued many Window users for the past few years. There are also improvements to Cortana, changes to settings, iterations to the media controls, and many changes to other universal apps.

Microsoft has not stated why it postponed the Anniversary update for Windows 10 mobile. But when you consider the long list of issues plaguing the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL, it makes sense for Microsoft to hold off on the update a little bit longer for more stability.

What do you think about Microsoft’s move to delay the roll out of Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section below.


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