Mini Dogfight Flying Game on Windows 8.1 is Great Way to Learn to Fly on Tablets

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Mini Dogfight is the newest flying game released on Windows 8.1 with characters and interesting airplanes recreated from early last century. Here are a few of the aircrafts used in Mini Dogfight: Albatros D.III, Nieuport, Spad S.VII, Sopwith Camel, Airco DH.2, Seaplanes.
Mini Dogfight on Windows 8.1
As the aircrafts, the pilots used in battles are recreated characters from First World War. Playing as allies or enemies, here we have some of the bravest airmen in history like Manfred von Richthofen, Donald MacLaren, Gottfried Bonfield, Franceso Barocca, Federicoo Martinengo, Josef Jacobs and Billy Bishop. You now have the big honor of competing along the greatest aces of World War I.

Mini Dogfight for free on Windows 8.1

Every child’s dream is to become a pilot. Now he can be a cadet in the most amazing flying school in the world. “Mini Dogfight” for Windows 8.1 is a simple and entertaining game, where you can learn the basic rules of flying or improve battle skills in various missions you have the chance to complete some of them being “Turbulence on water”, “Making friends” and “Overcome the fame duck”.

Mini Dogfight for Windows 8.1

The first thing you have to do is to buy a plane and add upgrades if you prefer. Upgrades will make your aircraft stronger, faster and more agile. By doing this you can unlock missions and receive different rewards as diamonds or higher ranks. And by upgrading one airplane to its maximum specs you receive 15 diamonds. Some other assignments could be to pick up medicine, shoot balloons or moving airplanes.

A great feature of Mini Dogfight is the multi language setting. You can choose from English, Spanish and Nederland’s depending on your needs and the history of the game is the second feature met at Mini Dogfight on Windows 8.1 that we have the chance to learn about. Also the battles are taken in various locations all over Europe: Paris, London, and Rome.

Overall I can say that Mini Dogfight has a realistic historical scenario with well designed characters so all you have to do is to go on the link below and download the game and enjoy the fight.
Download here Mini Dogfight for Windows 8.1


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