Lenovo may release a laptop with a flexible display in the future

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Lenovo already has a reputation for being able to adapt and keep up with the tech market, which is why one of its future laptop models sports a flexible screen. The details on the matter are scarce but Lenovo showed bits of an upcoming device at a recent event in New York.

A promising concept

The device isn’t a completely new design: the bottom side of the device has a lot of things in common with already released models such as the ThinkPad line while the device’s TrackPoint button is reminiscent of ThinkPad computers too. The top part of the device, however, is like nothing that Lenovo has released as of yet. The display is flexible and it seems that it takes advantage of this characteristic quite well.

It’s clear that Lenovo is looking to bring something innovative to the market as they stated that the new device will be mostly controlled through voice controls and stylus gestures. That being said, the new flexible screen device will also allow you to type out things, which is great news for people that aren’t quite ready to abandon the traditional keyboard.

No luck so far

There was a real craze going on not that long ago in regards to flexible displays but it died down eventually when no company managed to actually come up with a palpable shelf product. Things got even quieter when Samsung, one of the biggest tech manufacturers in the world, declared that they don’t see the flexible display technology being ready until at least 2019.

Now, however, it would seem that Lenovo managed to crack the code and figured out how to bring forth a viable product that makes use of this technology. This would be the second time in a relatively short time span when tech companies are trying to revolutionize the way people use their tech and gadgets. The first and most recent one is represented by curved displays as they are seen on both TV sets and high-end smartphones.


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