Life is Strange2 in the works, will be released on both PC and Xbox One

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Dontnod recently confirmed that a new Life is Strange 2 game is currently in the works, the sequel to the original episodic adventure game Life is Strange from 2015.

Life is Strange 2 won’t appear at E3

In a YouTube video, Michel Kocj, Raoul Barbet, and Luc Baghadoust from Dontnod Entertainment all expressed their thanks to the community that purchased the original game and announced that they’re working on a follow-up to the game. More than that, it seems that over three million people bought the first game, an amazing accomplishment.

The company didn’t offer additional information about the upcoming title and did not say whether the game will retain the episodic format of the original release or not. But the company confirmed that the game would not be unveiled during the E3 event:

We can’t wait to tell you all about it when the time is right, but for now we are hard at work ensuring it is the very best game we can create. We’re really thankful for your patience thus far and ask for a bit more time. The new game will not be at E3 in June this year but we will be watching the show alongside you all and wish everyone good luck! the company posted on the game’s blog.

The follow-up has been planned for quite a while

A follow-up for the first game is not exactly a surprise, as the members of Dontnot already hinted in the past that there would be an upcoming second season. “I worked as a script doctor on Life is Strange, developed by the studio Dontnod, and I will participate on Life is Strange 2 later,” said Dontnod’s co-founder Alain Damasio a while ago about the follow-up.



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