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Redesigned Notepad preview available on Github

Microsoft is constantly releasing new features to Windows 10 but the company somehow forgot to update Notepad. The Notepad app more or less offers the same features we can find on its Windows XP counterpart.

Today, many third-party apps are available online that offer more enhanced features and functionalities. The availability of these third-party apps didn’t affect the popularity of Notepad.

Windows users still love the Notepad app and want a redesigned modern version of it.

A new Notepad concept emerges

A Microsoft employee recently came up with his own implementation of modern fluent Notepad for Windows 10.

Jackie confirmed this is not an official implementation as he is not a part of the Windows Team. 

Just like all other Windows users, the developer was looking for a modern and lightweight version of Notepad. This modern Notepad UI contains most of the functionalities available in the old Win32 version.

The developer is working to implement more features including Settings, Search and replace, and Print. He also intends to implement a toggle setting for word wrapping.

Users demanded a dark theme as well

All in all, the newly developed Notepad received huge appreciation from users. They want Microsoft to include this implementation in Windows 10. 

This looks like everything I wanted from a simple notepad app. Fast, reliable, modern – great work!

Some of them were concerned about Notepad’s launch speed. They want it to be compatible with Notepad++.

Additionally, Windows 10 users didn’t forget the dark theme. They demanded the developer to add dark theme support in the upcoming version of this Notepad concept.

Jackie encouraged other users to test this preview version of Notepad. The source code is available for download on his Github account

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