Where to Watch Live Microsoft’s Surface 2 Launch Event [updated]

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surface rt live eventApple has not yet released the iPad 5 and the next-generation iPad Mini 2, so Microsoft has a good chance of taking the market by storm, if they manage to release some appealing 2.0 versions of its Surface tablets at the launch event. Read on to learn how you could be following the launch event live. Most likely, as per most of the rumors, Microsoft is going to upgrade both tablets, the Surface RT and the Surface Pro to a new version.

UPDATEMany of you are landing on this page searching for the official live streaming of Surface Mini event. We’ve written a special guide for that!

Probably Microsoft won’t get rid of Windows RT, even it has been proven an almost complete failure by important OEMs. Instead, the Windows seller is probably going just to slash RT from the Surface name, to help them sell it better. But we know the Redmond giant has lost almost one billion dollars on weak Surface sales, what are they going to do about this with the new versions? We’ll soon find out, at the launch event that we plan on watching live.

How to watch live the Surface 2 launch event

Microsoft’s Surface 2 launch event is held in New York City today and it starts at 10:30 AM Eastern Time. Here are some live coverage times across the world:

  • 07:30AM — Pacific
  • 08:30AM — Mountain
  • 09:30AM — Central
  • 10:30AM — Eastern
  • 03:30PM — London
  • 04:30PM — Paris
  • 06:30PM — Moscow
  • 10:30PM — Hong Kong
  • 11:30PM — Tokyo
  • 12:30AM (September 24th) — Sydney

Unfortunately, this time, Microsoft has decided not to offer a live stream of this press event, which in my opinion is a really bad decision. What they did come up with new is an Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, so if you are really curious, you will be able to ask important persons from the design and development teams any questions you might have on the next-generation Surface tablets. So, unfortunately, we’ll have to resorts to the sime good ol’ tech blogs that will be covering the Surface 2 launch event from there. In case Microsoft decides to offer a livestream, we will undoubtedly feature it here.

The Verge’s live Surface 2 launch event coverage

Engadget’s live Surface 2 launch event coverage

ArsTechnica’s live Surface 2 launch event coverage

Cnet’s live Surface 2 launch event coverage

Mashable’s live Surface 2 launch event coverage

Microsoft’s Reddit AMA – starts at 3PM ET

Among the expected upgrades for the Surface 2 during the launch event are the following: adjustable two-stage kickstand, new accessories, new Power Cover to boost battery life, Surface Docking Station. Also, incremental updates in processing power are also expected. As it seems at the moment, there won’t be a Surface “mini” announced.

Bad launch Surface 2 event planning?

I don’t understand why Microsoft is this bad with this event? I understand the fact that they have not provided an official live stream for the event, a-la Apple, but it seems that they’re having the event “underground” which definitely makes it harder for us to get the information quick. I found this info on LiveSream.com this while searching for a live video stream of the event:

Microsoft chose to have this event underground. the signal is nearly non existant!

From the above technology websites, The Verge seems to have the best connectivity. Worst case – we’ll all watch the launch video after the event will be done, IF Microsoft decides to make at least that public. If so, we will be quick to embed it here.

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