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surface mini launch event
The Surface Mini has been rumored for more than a year and it seems that today is the big day when Microsoft could finally unveil it. Rumor has it that we could even see a Surface 3 getting released, as well, but we’ll take that with a grain of salt. There are many voices saying that Surface Mini doesn’t stand a chance if it comes with Windows RT, but it could have many other features that we’ll make you overlook this. So, if you’re interested in watching live the purported launch event, here’s how you can do it.

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How to watch live the Surface Mini launch event

Microsoft simply “has to” launch the Surface Mini in order to counterattack such products as the iPad mini, Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire, not to mention its own Windows 8 tablets from partners and the plethora of other Android slates. The single clue that Microsoft gave us with a potential launch of the Surface Mini is that they said in the invitation that we should join them for a “small gathering”.

microsoft surface mini launch event

The even starts at 11am local time in New York and here’s the hour at which it starts across the world:

  • San Francisco – 8am
  • London – 4pm
  • Amsterdam – 5pm
  • Johannesburg – 6pm
  • Bangkok – 11pm
  • Hong Kong – midnight
  • Soeul – 1am (Wednesday)
  • Sydney – 3am (Wednesday)

Live coverage of Surface Mini event

You can follow the official webcast of the event by following the link from below and I advise you to load your stream right from the beginning, because it might get crowded along the way. I’ll also provide links to some online outlets that are there and are going to provide live coverage, if you’re interested in commentaries, as well.
surface mini launch event 2014
Microsoft’s live webcast of Surface Mini event – official streaming

Engadget’s live coverage of Surface Mini event – official live blog

TechnoBufallo’s live coverage of Surface Mini event – live blog

ArsTechnica’s live coverage of Surface Mini event – live blog

It’s a good thing that Microsoft is more smart this time and offering an official live stream as we didn’t have one for the Surface 2 launch event and it was pretty frustrating!

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