Steam remote play is open for non-steamers via invitation

by Sinziana Mihalache
Sinziana Mihalache
Sinziana Mihalache
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  • You can now enjoy local multiplayer on Steam via a link that you can share with a friend who doesn't have a platform account.
  • Until now, this Remote Play Together feature was only available for Steam members.
  • To share a link, you have to join the Beta Participation program first.
  • You can invite one friend only this way, while other friends have to be signed in to Steam. 
steam link remote play together

Steam has launched in beta version a new functionality to the Remote Play Together option. Namely, steamers can now enjoy local multiplayer games by inviting non-subscribers to join a game via a link they provide.

The Remote Play Together option was launched more than a year ago and it was an excellent way to play local multiplayer games over the Internet. The only restriction was that every player needed a platform account.

With this new update, Steam becomes more permissive and practically any player can join a game, without the restriction of this account. However, joiners will need to download the Steam Link app.

The update has been well-received by Steam fans:

This is a fantastic addition, I have many console player friends who refuse to install steam or any other broadcast software with an account creation for remote play, removing that barrier is a step in the right direction

How to invite people to join Steam games?

join steam beta participation
  1. If you’re signed into Steam, go to Settings.
  2. In the Account tab, in the Beta Participation section select Change.
  3. Click to expand the drop-down menu, and select Beta Participation Update, then OK.
  4. Restart Steam.

 In case you’re using the Big Picture Mode:

  1. Open Steam settings, then click on System.
  2. Check the Participate in client beta option.
  3. Restart Steam.

Once these settings are updated, you should find a link to invite a friend each time you start a game that supports Remote Play Together. The link is displayed in your Friends list in the Steam Overlay.

As mentioned, via the respective link, your friend will be taken to the Steam Link app, to be downloaded. If your friends have Steam installed already, it will instead be used to facilitate the session.

Only one player may be invited to your Remote Play Together game session via the link. Additional Steam Friends may be invited to your game by right-clicking them in your Friends List, then selecting Remote Play Together.

This is a long-awaited feature for Steam fans. Some of them have turned to similar platforms that already had it – like Parsec. The update not only responds to the current context in which multiplayer gaming has exploded over the Internet, but also to the situation where your device can’t support a Steam installation.

Have you tried already this feature? Tell us how the whole experience went.

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