Logitech Z337 Bold Sound is the first desktop speaker with Bluetooth streaming

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Logitech Z337 Bold Sound

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If you have ever tried to find a functional and practical speaker set within a reasonable price range, the name Logitech must have crossed your path. Not just speakers, the company has a reputable name in manufacturing several electronic accessories including Bluetooth devices and other computer peripherals.

Logitech has successfully made a breakthrough by combining both aspects into their latest Logitech Z337 Bold Sound desktop speaker, which are Bluetooth enabled with Bold surround Sound.

With the Bluetooth support, users can easily stream audio from any Bluetooth supporting device including PCs, tablets and smartphones and switch between them as well. All of the Logitech’s upcoming accessories, including the Z337 Bold Sound desktop speaker will provide full support to Windows 10 devices.

The Z337 speakers bring great sound quality to all of your favorite content — no matter what device it’s on. What’s more, we’ve made it really easy to stream from different content sources. Just pause on one device, and play on another to simply make the switch.

The Z337 Bold Sound includes the following specs:

  • 80 watts peak/40 Watts RMS power, across left and right speakers
  • An included gigantic subwoofer for a booming bass response
  • Wireless connectivity
  • The subwoofer features a knob on its back for adjusting the perfect volume level according to a user’s taste
  • As complimentary aspects for Bluetooth connectivity, there are built-in 3.5mm and RCA analog inputs which make it easy to connect the Z337 to your PC, gaming console, or other audio devices.

With the additional three speakers, Z337 Sound Bold becomes a control pod. The device acts as a connecting hub for all speakers’ features and allows access to its controls, including basic volume adjustment, power, and Bluetooth pairing.  There is also a headphone jack featured with the pod which relieves its users from the hassle of having to plug it in directly into their computers.

Do we really need Bluetooth speakers?

There’s no denying that no matter how far the technology progresses, there will always be some users who would prefer the conventional old school ways of carrying their business. But the Z337 Bold Sound might bring some revolutionary change in the matter as there would hardly be anyone who would still prefer taking two small satellite speakers, connecting them to your monitor, attach a subwoofer to the side, a 3.5mm jack to plug in and will find themselves stuck in a mesh of tangled wires.

The Logitech Z337 Bold Sound with Bluetooth is to be shipped later in September for a price of $100. For any additional details, visit the Logitech website.



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