5 Best Tools to Migrate Windows 7 to Windows 10

  • Transfers Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Migrates profiles, settings, data and apps
  • Has Enterprise version for complex migrations
  • Free version available
  • Very affordable prices and discounts
  • Backup solution separate from PCmover Express
  • The only tool that migrate the entire OS
  • Great for home and enterprise users
  • Good for gaming user data migration
  • Full system image backup
  • Replicates local backup image in the cloud
  • Office 365 backup
  • Full disk cloning
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Cloud space
  • Slightly higher price than other average backup tools
  • Recovery option included
  • 24/7 support
  • Files&Folder sync across backup locations
  • System backup: creates an image of your system
  • Disaster recovery: BSOD, crashes, hardware failures
  • Bootable media creation tool
  • Backup hard drive and/or selected partitions
  • Backup image is saved as a image (not regular) file
  • Free trial available
  • Great price plans
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and 10
  • Recovers data from any Windows device and compatible storage
  • Secure recovery from RAID 0, RAID 5, and RAID 6 drives
  • Recover important business data from hard drives, optical drives, lost partitions
  • Creates images of hard drive for secure data recovery
  • Recovers data from drives with bad sectors
  • Free version recovers only 1 GB data
  • Reliable for small businesses
  • Scan and recover over 300 specific file types (custom file recovery)
  • Backups Windows Server environment
  • Recover individual applications, files
  • Recover entire Windows Server system
  • Granular recovery: restore only what you need
  • Advanced reporting and monitoring of backup process
  • Free trial available
  • Lack of a centralized management feature for admins that work on multiple clients
  • Set up backup schedules
  • Perfectly reliable for a large variety of specific businesses and networks

Why do you need these tools to safely transfer Windows 7 to Windows 10?

When you try to move your data from a system to another system, you might put it to risk as many small but important parts of it can be lost or found incompatible during the migration process. Laplink PCmover Express come in handy as it is designed to literally relocate your system with all its profiles, settings, user data, etc.

There are many other migration tools out there but Laplink gives you the full-featured “fourchette” that will not let any of your data behind. Moreover, this tool was officially recommended by Microsoft to the users that want to migrate to another Windows version.

Migration for small businesses - more important than ever

Many businesses are still using Windows 7 and its end of support means an enormous security breach. The migration process can still be deployed with Laplink PCmover as it has an enterprise version.

The backup process is more expensive if we talk about businesses. The dedicated programs have more features to offer plus dedicated perks, such as cloud storage and recovery for backup images. On top of all that, the business services are secured heavier than the licenses for normal users, that’s where a higher price.

Windows Report has started a big survey targeting the Windows 7 users and here are some stats that show why a safe migration from unsupported Windows 7 to Windows 10 is very important for your data’s security:


out of 10 Windows 7 users use it for sending emails
out of 10 Windows 7 users use it for sending emails
out of 10 use it for banking
out of 10 use it for banking
out of 10 will upgrade to Windows 10 to avoid security risks
out of 10 will upgrade to Windows 10 to avoid security risks

Why is backup so essential when migrating?

Being such a complex process, the migration puts pressure on your shoulders and you may misclick or misread something. These situations cannot be avoided but they can be repaired. For this, you will need backup software in order to create an image of your Windows system before the migration process.

Once the backup image done and saved, you can start deploying the process. If something goes wrong, you can restore your system to the initial state and restart again the migration. Moreover, if there is a disaster situation, all your personal data stays safe and accessible.

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