Lumia 950 discounted to record low price at Amazon UK

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Microsoft launched the Lumia 950 in October 2015 with an original price tag of £449.99 (~$641.42). Six months later, that price has hit a record low of £324.99 (~$463.23) on Amazon. The tech giant had to change the price for its Lumia 950 even before the smartphone was available for sale in order to match the price offered by retailers — not a very good sign from the outset.

Currently, Microsoft is selling the phone for £399.99 (~$570.13) on its Store. On the other hand, Amazon is offering new Lumia 950 for £324.99 through a third-party retailer, Cash4Mobiles Ltd. That £75 difference we see could be explained by the lack of interest people have for Lumia 950.

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Microsoft is still advertising the same price, whereas retailers adapt to the market and cut the price of the products for which demand is scarce. The discount available on Amazon is not the first Lumia 950 discount story: American retailer B&H discounted the device to $499 earlier this week.

Also, this difference in price reflects one harsh reality for Microsoft: its phones are not competitive. Ever since Redmond took over Nokia’s phone business, it has tried to resuscitate it with little success. The company sold only sold 4.5 million Lumia devices in the most recent quarter, compared to the last year’s same quarter performance of 10.5 million smartphones. That equates to a huge 57% drop.

Although the tech company has done everything it could to revamp its phone business, nothing seems to work. As the number one business software provider, the company tried to use this trump card to equip its smartphone offerings with Office suite apps. However, the strategy proven successful for the desktop market has not quite been as effective for its phone segment.

Going forward, other retailers will probably follow this trend, and we could very soon be seeing new record lows in the Lumia 950’s price.



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