Bad omen: Microsoft shuts down its Lumia YouTube channel

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Lumia YouTube channel

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Here’s some sad news: Lumia 735 is no longer available online and now the Microsoft Lumia YouTube channel no longer exists.

The Lumia YouTube channel is gone

Last week, Microsoft silently removed its Lumia 735 phone from the store; the device was the last Lumia handset that was available online. Now, the company has applied a similar maneuver to YouTube closing down the channel. We don’t know for sure the exact moment when this happened, but the change was recently spotted by Reddit user fastforward23.

The Lumia brand came to an end

The news is not surprising as the channel didn’t post any new videos for a very long time even if it had around 100,000 subscribers. One of the reasons might be the fact that Microsoft sold the Nokia brand to HMD Global after continuous falling sales, canceled handsets and redundancies. Probably, more pages will begin to close soon; we’ll just have to wait and see.

On the other hand, the Lumia support channel is still up and so are the pages of Lumia on Instagram and Facebook. But considering that no new content has been posted there, they may be up just to help the dwindling user base.

The official Windows Phone channel is still online and will possibly be rebranded when Microsoft’s new mobile devices are launched.

What’s in store for Microsoft phone business?

Despite a lot of rumors floating around, no one really knows what is next for Microsoft’s phone business. Still, there’s a new development shown on the Azure Facebook page which has recently showcased a foldable device. This enhanced the excitement about the long-rumored Surface Phone, but users remain skeptical about that one as well.

Microsoft is currently tying up some loose ends so we might just get some fresh news soon.



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