Disney Plus not loading on Mac? Use these methods to fix it

Radu Tyrsina
by Radu Tyrsina
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  • If your Disney+ is not loading on Mac, you won't be able to access any content, but we have the fix for this issue.
  • To resolve this problem you should disable adblocking in your browser, or change the browser.
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Disney Plus is not loading on Mac

Disney Plus is a great streaming service, but many users reported that Disney Plus isn’t loading on their Mac at all.

This can be a big problem since you won’t be able to view any content, but there are a couple of solutions that you can use to fix this problem.


What to do if Disney Plus isn’t loading on Mac?

1. Disable ad blocking in your browser

Adblocking extensions are useful, but they will sometimes block certain code that runs in the background, and that can cause Disney Plus not to load. To fix this problem, it’s advised that you disable all ad-block extensions in your browser.

To disable extensions in Safari, do the following:

  1. Go to the Safari menu and choose Preferences > Extensions.
  2. Uncheck ad-block extensions.
    disable extensions disney plus not loading on mac
  3. Now save the changes and check if the problem is resolved.

If this method works, you can keep ad-block disabled completely or you can disable it only for the Disney Plus website. If you’re using a different web browser, you should be able to disable ad-block by using similar steps. Many users reported that this solution worked for them, so we encourage you to try it out.

2. Try changing your browser

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According to users, sometimes your browser can cause issues with Disney Plus. If Disney Plus isn’t loading on Mac, it’s possible that your browser is the problem.

So far, the simplest workaround is to simply switch to a different browser and check if that solves the problem. Many users reported issues with Chrome, so if you use it as the default browser, perhaps you might want to consider switching to a different browser when using Disney Plus.

3. Check your network connection

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If you’re having issues with Disney Plus on your Mac, perhaps your network connection is the problem. To fix it, users are suggesting to connect your Mac to the Internet using an Ethernet cable. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your router/modem.

In this article, we compiled some solutions that should help you if Disney Plus isn’t loading on your Mac. In most cases, the issue is caused by your browser or ad block extension and it can be fixed easily.

FAQ: Learn more about Disney Plus on Mac

  • Can you get Disney plus on MacBook?

Yes, Disney Plus is confirmed to work on MacBook.

  • Can you watch Disney plus offline on Mac?

Yes, if you have the Disney Plus app installed, then you will be able to download videos and watch them while not connected to the internet.

  • How can I get Disney+ for free?

You can use Disney+ free for the 7-day trial if you create a new account with them.