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So, you have been an Apple fan for many years. You’ve got all of their products: you’ve got the iPod, yesterday you bought the latest iPhone 6 Plus and you’re still using that MacBook you bought in college. Somehow, you feel time has come for you to try something different. How about Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3?
Ok, what I’ve just written would seem like a sacrilege to many die-hard Apple fan. However, there are times is life when it’s better to put the old aside and try something new. Especially now that Microsoft’s has a specially designed website to help you to make the transition from Apple’s Mac to Surface Pro 3.

This website  is basically divided into four sections:

  • Getting started with Windows where you learn a series of Windows basics so that all this transition becomes easier for you;
  • Surface Pro 3 for MacBook users – all your questions about moving from Mac to Surface Pro 3 are answered in this section;
  • Moving your content to Surface Pro 3 – how to transfer your photos, files, emails and other content to Surface Pro 3;
  • Using Surface Pro 3 with iPhone, iCloud and iTunes – switching to Surface Pro 3 doesn’t mean you have to give up your iPhone and buy a Windows Phone.

Also, for additional support you can use the troubleshooting page, make an Answer Desk appointment at one of your local Microsoft Store or chat online with one of the experts.

Just as Microsoft states on this Mac to Surface Pro3 switch website, the transition can be nerve-racking and learning how to use a new software is challenging. For this reason, Microsoft gets a thumbs up for this initiative.

“We want to make the transition as easy as possible. If you currently have a Mac and have questions about switching to Surface Pro 3 and Windows, we designed this site to help get you started.”

So, if you have already made the transition from Apple’s MacBook to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, drop us a line and tell us how it worked. You can buy the Surface Pro 3 here.

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