Machinima App for Windows 8, 10 Launched in the Windows Store

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Machinima is one of the biggest gaming and media streaming websites in the world and there are many Windows 8 users that are following it. So, if you own a Windows 8 desktop or touch device, you can go ahead and download Machinima from the Windows Store.
machinima windows 8 app
Machinima is one of the latest cool Windows 8 apps to have landed on the Windows Store, and gamers all over the world will rejoice hearing this. With a really well crafted design and free of advertising, at least not from my end, Machinima looks absolutely gorgeous on a Windows 8 tablet, but you can install it on your laptop or Windows 8 desktop system, as well. Use it to explore gameplay videos, useful guides and walk-throughs for those difficult moments. The app also comes with original series, animation, plenty of gaming news and enticing trailers.

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Machinima app lands for Windows 8 users

windows 8 machinima app

Best gameplay videos from the video games you love to play. View in full screen or shrink to the side and watch while you multi-task. Right click to pull up your navigation options. Pin your favorite show, partner or gameplay content for access on the Start screen. Favorite the videos you like and access them from your Favorites section.

The specific of the Machinima app for Windows 8 are high-quality videos, with most of them being displayed even in high-definition quality. Thanks to the multi-tasking ability of Windows 8, you can choose to view videos in full-screen or snap them to the side. The app has five main categories – popular videos, popular games, new videos, popular partners and featured videos. It is very lightweight, as it has slightly more than 3 megabytes. Follow the link from below to get in on your Windows 8 devices.

Download Machinima app for Windows 8


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