Madden NFL 17 and Mighty No.9 for Xbox One go up for preorder

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Mighty No.9 and Madden NFL 17 are scheduled for release on June 21 and August 23, respectively. If you can’t wait until the official launch, you can pre-order these two games on Xbox One.

Madden NFL 17 challenges you to take your team to Madden NFL 17, putting you at the center of your team’s Championship run. Use the new ball carrier feedback cues, the defender fake out mechanics and the authentic defensive AI system to guide your team to victory.

If you pre-order now, you receive a one month EA Access Trial and bonus content including nine Madden NFL ranked tickets and up to seven Madden NFL Ultimate Team Pro Packs. The offer is valid for a limited time only and you must redeem your code by September 9.

madden nfl 17 xbox one

Pre-order Madden NFL 17 from the Xbox Store for $59.99.

Mighty No.9 puts you in the shoes of Beck, the 9th in a line of powerful robots, and the only one who is  immune to a mysterious virus that has caused robots around the world to go mad. Your task is to go through all the 12 challenging stages yo annihilate your fellow Mighty Number robots and wage a final battle against the evil force that threatens the planet.

You can run, jump, blast, and transform your way using abilities stolen from your enemies. As you defeat your fellow robots, you unlock transformations, getting unique skills that offer your advantages over the other robots.

Mighty No.9 xbox one

You can also use the two-player mode and take on missions online with a friend as Beck and his partner, Call. Use their powers to overcome obstacles as a team, and advance to the next level.

You can also get a $10 Xbox gift card digital code within 10 days after the game’s release. The offer is valid until 12/31/2016, while supplies last, for customers who pre-order a qualifying Xbox One game(s). After you pre-order, you’ll receive a promotional code at the email address you mentioned when making the purchase within 10 days of game being shipped. You can use the gift card by December 31 to claim your $10 gift card code.

You can pre-order Mighty No. 9 from the Xbox Store for only $19.99.


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