Microsoft releases minor updates for Mail and Calendar, Windows Maps, and Wunderlist

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Microsoft just issued a few updates for its Mail & Calendar, Windows Maps, and Wunderlist apps for Windows 10. These updates are minor ones, as no new features have been released for Windows Maps and Wunderlist, while Mail & Calendar finally got the ability to link two or more inboxes.

Updates for Windows Maps and Wunderlist only brought a couple of bug fixes and performance improvements for both apps. As far as Windows Maps is concerned, the latest update just fixed some issues present after the previous update.

As for Wunderlist, the update is only available for Windows 10 PCs, and not for Windows 10 Mobile devices. However, Wunderlist app that is currently available on Windows 10 Mobile is still a Windows Phone 8.1 version. Developers have yet to migrate to a UWP version built for Windows 10, but as most apps already did so, we should expect Wunderlist to do the same soon. Unlike the previous version, this update didn’t brought any notable changes.

And finally, Windows 10’s Mail & Calendar received the biggest update of all three apps. Namely, users are now able to link two or more inboxes within the app, so they can receive all emails into a single inbox. This was a highly requested feature, as users found it much easier to receive all messages in one inbox, than constantly switching between accounts.

Tell us in the comments what do you think about the addition of linked inboxes in Mail & Calendar app for Windows 10, and what feature would you like Microsoft to release next?

If you didn’t install updates already, you can download updated versions of these apps from here:




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