You no longer need a Skype account to make calls

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Skype is widely known as one of the top voice chat services available. It lets you communicate with friends and family when you’re away, but also stay in touch with work and collaborators so that everyone is up to date on the latest projects. While Microsoft required the creation of an account before being able to use Skype, that has now changed.

Recently, Microsoft made it possible so that anyone can join in on the conversation without the need of an account. This is possible through the browser Skype services which allow people to start calls from the Skype website. While the initiative may seem new to most, it’s been available on other platforms for quite some time. While this is most likely Skype’s attempt to reach out to customers and catch up its competition, it’s a new exciting feature nonetheless if you’re a Skype user.

To call others without a Skype account, go to the Skype website and start a conversation. This will provide a link that can be sent to anyone you wish to join your call. Your contacts then proceed by clicking the link. This will instantly redirect them to your conversation where you can chat or do business as intended.

You are free to type or use voice chat with your contacts without a Skype account and a call can last up to 24 hours. People you invite can also decide to start conversations without an account or create one if they enjoyed the experience.



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