What is Malware?

Malware, which is short for malicious software is a type of program that is designed mainly to cause harm to a PC, server, or even an entire network.

Malware itself is a generic term, and it encompasses pretty much all types of software that fall under this category.

These include the following:

Viruses • Worms • Trojans • Ransomware • Spyware • Adware • Rogue software • Scareware

🛡️ How do I protect myself from malware?

Manually remove malware

Protecting yourself from such cyber threats is fairly easy, and you can either do so by being more careful with how you use your PC and what your browsing habits are.

Additionally, some malware can be removed manually even when it is already on your PC. To learn more about how you can manually remove malware, go to our Malware Removal Guides section.

Antivirus software

However, using an antivirus is the preferred method since pretty much all antiviruses nowadays are capable of both preventing malware from entering your PC, as well as cleaning up whatever malware is already there.

Additionally, most of these antiviruses run in the background performing their duty, so that you can go about your business and perform other tasks.

On that note, here is a list of the best antivirus tools that you can get based on various scenarios:


Lastly, a VPN (Virtual Private Network), can also indirectly protect you from malware by covering your tracks and hiding you form potential sources of malware. To read more about these amazing tools, go to our website’s dedicated VPN section.

Note: For a more complete list of how you can make your PC malware-proof, head over to our Cybersecurity Hub.