Manage Event Log channels with Nirsoft’s EventLogChannelsView release

by Radu Tyrsina
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Nirsoft recently released its tools, FullEventLogView and EventLogChannelsView.

FullEventLogView lists all the events from your local event logs, the events of a remote system or the contents of a .evtx file. The basic purpose of this tool is to sort, arrange or organize your current events and group them with respect to time, date or type (information, warning, error). Nirsoft is a platform that allows you to convert or export all your selected data as a txt, CSV or XML file or an HTML report.

Event Log is a bit more of a technical tool for Windows that lists all your system’s event log channels (routes software might use to log events), giving you all the information you need to know about how your OS is running. The details that EventLogChannelsView lists include the channel name, event log filename, enabled/disabled status, the current number of events in the channel, and more. This kind information is not easily accessible otherwise.

EventLogChannelsView lets you manipulate channels and events, letting you select one or more channels, set their maximum file size or clear all events. The tool is a significant source of information for admins and technical users and is something even they would run once and never use it again.

Event log consists of numerous channels that might not be enabled by default but when enabled and data is written on them on a daily basis. Although there are internal tools to manage and manipulate logging and channel views, sometimes third party applications prove to be more efficient and useful for such purposes.

On startup, it lists all the relevant information of the channels automatically, including channel name, publisher and file name, as well as information about its status. Other interesting pieces of functionality it owns include the alerts or notifications it shows when a file size limit has been reached and whether the channel is enabled or not.

Other features EventLogChannelsView offers is the bulk enable or disable channels option, changing the maximum limit of file size for a channel (only when you right-click it), as well as increase the size limit of a channel when it has been reached or decrease it when a log holds abundant data.

Apart from that, you have the ease of running this program from any location, though it does throw a UAC prompt you need to accept before it launches. Other basic features are pretty conventional, like clicking the header to sort the information underneath with criteria like channels that have reached the file size, or for channels that are enabled, shortcuts like F2 or F3 enable or disable channels that can always be done using the right-click button of your mouse as well.

There is also the search accessibility that lets you find channels by hitting Shift+F. Administrative users have the option of loading channels from a remote device by opening File > Choose Data Source to manage those on the local system.

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