Windows 10 Maps updated with smoother navigation and with more complex routes

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Microsoft has just issued a bunch of updates and improvements across the board to many of the apps included with the Creators Update for Windows 10, including its in-house navigation app Maps.

The latest features & functions for maps

  • Support for various input methods

Improved support for various input methods and syncing data across devices is now available. Users can now also contribute to Microsoft to enhance the quality of their own experience and others. Users can now correct errors regarding locations or timings for all kinds of services. You can now use ink on the map to more easily calculate the distance for a custom hike with your stylus, for instance. Support for the new Surface Dial and Narrator is also live, alongside more views to provide detailed information on traffic. And, after pressing Locate me, it will not only show your current location, but it will also show your orientation and the direction you are facing for smoother navigation.

  • Collections

The company also added improvements to the selection of specific locations as favorites, and it introduced a new class of favorites called Collections. They are useful for creating tailored lists for specific types of locations and also keep more trivial locations separate from the ones you visit on a regular basis, such as your home or office. Windows 10 allows you to import favorites from HERE maps into the Maps app.

  • Syncing data

Maps can now sync data across devices and all the favorites, searches, and collections will be found on all them all.

  • More complex routes

The app also features the ability to map out more complex routes for navigation including adding multiple stops without the need to set each destination individually and changing it manually. Microsoft has also added new APIs for developers, including one that changes the look of Maps.

All these improvements found in Maps app help bring the company’s product in line with Google’s dominant offering.



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