March 2014: Best Windows 8 Apps & Games

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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A little delayed, our second edition of the best new Windows 8 apps and games for a certain month is here. We’re highlighting some of the best new Windows 8.1 apps and games for you to try out in March, 2014. Read for more below.
best windows 8 apps games march 2014
I hope you haven’t missed the best Windows 8.1 apps and games for the past month of February because we had some great titles back then, such as Catan, Big Buck Hunter, Comixology, Zara, Huffington Post and many others. The month of March comes with some more awesome apps and games that I invite you to download and install on your Windows 8 and Windows RT device right away. If you know of a good new Windows 8 game or app, just let us know by leaving your comment at the end of the article and we’ll be swift to amend it with new information.

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To read more about the apps, just click on them and you will be able to read our whole review, in case there’s one. As you can see, this month hasn’t been quite rich in terms of new Windows 8 games, but I hope that will change in April.

Best Windows 8 games in the Windows Store

  • GTA San Andreas – this game needs no introduction and the fact that it has finally landed in the Windows Store for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users is really awesome and will definitely open the door for other big developers.

windows 8 gta san andreas

  • Lazer-Hawk – a cool flight game where you get to take down enemy aircrafts with a laser beam, hence the name of the game. Have a look at Cold Alley and F18 Carrier Landing, as well.
  • Carcassone – one of the most popular physical board games ever has been made available for download in the Windows Store. Follow the link for more on it.
  • Flap Flap – I have already talked about the Flappy Bird craziness on the Windows Store, but if you really want to try out a clone game, then my choices goes with this one.
  • Shooting Showdown – a really cool shooting game that will transform your Windows 8 tablet into a shooting yard. Go ahead and download it to have some real fun.

shooting game windows 8

  • World at Arms – another cool game released by the reputed mobile game developer company Gameloft. One of the best RPG games for Windows 8 we’ve seen in a while.
  • Deadlings – a funny new game where you play as Death who got bored and decided to raise minion zombies in her laboratory. I know that it already sounds interesting.

Best Windows 8 apps in the Windows Store

  • Nokia Here Maps and Nokia App Social – Nokia has released two very important apps in the Window Store – the Here Maps is a welcome addition to GPS apps currently available and App social helps you discover other apps in the Store.

nokia here maps windows 8 app

  • One Drive for Business – OneDrive is the rebranded name for SkyDrive and after it had been updated to work with OneNote, as well, the Business version has been released too.
  • Chronozoom – an awesome tool for history buffs, this new Windows 8 app will let you explore various subjects in a cool chronological order with graphic representations
  • FlightHero and AirScanner – two pretty awesome flight apps have made their way for Windows 8 users; use them to check in real time the air traffic and also to search for cheap flight tickets
  • Kobo Books – the official ereading application for those who own a Kobo eReader has been launched. Entitled as Kobo Books, it lets users read ebooks and buy them through the dedicated store.

kobo books windows 8 app

  • Radioline – this is one of the best Windows 8 apps when it comes to listening to online radio. With thousands of radio stations and podcasts, it’s a must have.
  • Mind Architect – a really cool mind mapping application, Mind Architect comes with the right tools that you need to organize better your work and time. Also check out Trello on this matter.
  • Geomaster Plus – learn geography in style with this new app, as it brings dozens of challenges where you will learn more about the world surrounding us.
  • RT Russia Today – this is one of the best outlets in the world and it now has been officially launched for Windows 8 users. It comes with a really awesome live streaming feature.

russia today windows 8 app

  • Electric Toolkit – if you want to learn more about electricity or you want to use your Windows 8 tablet to help you with your home wiring, then you should check this one out.
  • 7digital – the reputed musical store has launched some new versions of its service in the Store, bringing over 20 million tracks for its consumers.
  • Euronews – another important news outlet gets launched for Windows 8 users.

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