Mass Effect: Andromeda could feature DLC outfits

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Mass Effect: Andromeda is a challenging game that takes players to the edge of space. Your mission is to explore distant galaxies and find a new home for mankind. This is not an easy task and you’ll confront many hostile alien forces that will put your will to survive to the test.

Mass Effect: Andromeda fans recently learned that the game wouldn’t support squadmate weapon and equipment customization. Many gamers criticized this decision, suggesting that squadmate customization limitations would only cripple the game.

This matters a lot more than people realize, this removes a ton of depth. Some weapons were just better at killing certain opponents. […] You could order sqaudmates to switch between weapons depending on the circumstances you faced. So if you had a great shield damaging pistol but shitty at everything else, you’d have them switch to something else mid fight vs armor type enemies.

This is fun, this gives bioware the ability to design fights differently. The fact that you don’t customize your parties weapons bodes very ill for game design. You might not see it yet.

However, there may still be hope. When asked on Twitter whether DLC outfits would later be available, the game’s devs didn’t fully reject this possibility.

DLC outfits could balance the squadmate customization limitations, but they’re not yet confirmed. What is certain is that players won’t be able to customize the weapons and equipment of their squadmates. The usefulness of companions is maintained through the skills players choose for them.

Their basic “I become more powerful” scaling comes automatically based on your/their lvl. Them getting better at specific things (melee, priming, detonating, support, etc.) comes from the skills/evolves you choose for them.

What do you think about devs’ decision to limit squadmate weapon and equipment customization?