Mass Effect: Andromeda language support issues trigger refund demands

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The Origin plaform locks the game language to the IP of where players come from, meaning Mass Effect: Andromeda players will encounter language support limitations preventing them from enabling another language in the game.

It is good to know that in the regions that have only one language option, the spoken game language is English and there is no dubbing. Subtitles, though, will be available in the respective language depending on the specific region. For example, if you live in Russia, the spoken game language will be English and subtitles will be available in Russian. On the other hand, if you live in a country where the international version is sold, you should be able to choose the English language in the Game menu.

EA has confirmed that the Brazilian versions of the game do have English voiceovers and a full choice of text, including English and Brazilian Portuguese. The EU version of the game will have English, German and French voiceovers as well as matching text, including Italian and Spanish.

Mass Effect: Andromeda language support limitations

Unfortunately, players have already reported the game coming with the wrong language. For example, gamers living in the US and Canada received the Russian version of the game. Fortunately, this was a minor issue EA was quick to fix.

Same here. Live in Canada, got the Russian version of the game. How stupid is this.

But the core of the player discontent remains: Mass Effect: Andromeda is not available in English in certain regions.

I already bought the deluxe edition of Andromeda more than a week ago! And I live in Ukraine, but I want to play original English game, however I am forced to use the russian only!!! What is wrong with you people? I don’t want to play russian and I can’t get any help and\or customer support from EA or Origin! If you are not going to let me play original game, then I want my money back! [….]

Well, after several days of number of useless attempts to contact Origin\EA customer support…I finally gave up and requested refund…I was surprised how fast they were to approve it…however money hasn’t returned yet, but that is not why I paid for the game in the first place…

Players are very disappointed that in the year 2017 they have no other options for language change but to cancel their preorders. To add to their discontent, they say that there was nothing about this language lock on the pre-order page.



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