Massive Update for Office Online: Better PDF Support & Pagination, New ‘Insights’ Inserts Wikipedia Data

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Recent updates to Office Online have added new features such as Wikipedia like access to information, improved PDF support, better pagination, the possibility to insert symbols and new commands available for Tell Me. Now let’s have a quick look at these features.
office online updated


The new feature Insight allows to find out more information on a given topic without opening a new browser tab. In order to access this feature, right-click on a word or a group of words, and then select Insighs from the menu or from under the Review Tab on the ribbon. Office Online uses Bing as a research engine and uses a variety of online sources to bring you the information you required. On the left side of the screen, you have the page you are working on and on the right side, you have all the information retrieved by the Insights feature. Insight is available only in the Editing View.

Better PDF support

enhanced pdf support

Thanks to this update, Office Online now allows you to select or copy texts embedded in images. If you have a scanned document or any type of image, you can now copy the text from the image. Moreover, the FIND button can find the text you entered even if it is embedded in an image. The Edit in Word button allows you to convert the PDF into a Word document that you can edit. The original PDF document is left intact.

Better pagination

improved pagination

Page boundaries are now visible. At the end of the document you now have a message that tell you where the page ends. You can track the page you are on with the status bar, where you have information on the pages of the document and number of the page you are viewing.

Insert symbols

insert symbols

You can now insert the symbols you cannot find on you keyboard thanks to the newly added Symbol gallery from under the Insert Tab. This feature has also been exteded to PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online. If you cannot find the symbol you are looking for, just click on the Request a New Symbol button and let the Office Team know about it.

Tell me

tell me office online
Now you can use Tell Me to count your words and it will also show you commands in the submenu.

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