Microsoft to release a disc-less Maverick Xbox this spring

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Microsoft already plans to release two new Scarlett Xbox consoles. However, the big M also has another Xbox One console up its sleeve for 2019. According to Windows Central sources, Microsoft will release a disc-less Xbox One console during spring 2019.

The renowned tech journalist Mr. Sams first speculated that Microsoft plans to release a disc-less Xbox One in late 2018.

He revealed an art rendition image for the new Xbox One in his video. Mr. Sams also stated that Microsoft would release the disc-less Xbox One during 2019.

Now Windows Central sources have leaked further details for the disc-less Xbox console, which is codenamed Maverick.

Microsoft will reputedly release a new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition console in May 2019. The software giant will accept pre-orders for that console in April.

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The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will not be much different from the Xbox One. The big difference will be that the new console will not include any disc drive. T

hus, the console will rely on digital game distribution. Without a DVD drive, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition could be a budget alternative to other Xbox consoles.

There might also be a disc-to-digital scheme for Xbox games. That will enable players to convert their Xbox One game discs to digital download alternatives.

Then players can also play their current games on the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be a milestone in console gaming history. It will be among the first consoles to rely wholly on digital game distribution. Its games will probably be distributed via Xbox Game Pass.

The Xbox All-Digital Edition might also provide a platform for the upcoming Project xCloud streaming service.

It is expected that Microsoft will launch the next-gen Anaconda and Lockheart Scarlett consoles during 2020. If the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition takes off, Microsoft might also release a disc-less Scarlett console.

The big M might showcase a next-gen Xbox with a Halo Infinite launch title at E3 2019.

So, digital game distribution for consoles could expand considerably in the foreseeable future. The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be among the first consoles to fully embrace digital distribution if Microsoft releases it as anticipated.


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