MediaTek Allegedly Prepares a Chipset for Windows 10 Mobile Devices

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Microsoft is (still) preparing to launch its new Windows 10 Mobile operating system, and with the new operating system, interest of manufacturers in producing new Windows 10 Mobile-compatible hardware is growing.

We’ve seen a lot of smartphone manufacturers from Asia presenting new Windows 10 Mobile devices, and now, there’s a chance that we’ll see a Windows 10 Mobile device powered by a processor produced by an Asian manufacturer, as well.

MediaTek will allegedly make a processor for a Windows 10 Mobile device, which is going to be company’s first chipset of this kind ever. Windows Phone devices only supported Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, until this year, when Pipo presented the first non-Qualcom Windows 10 device, Pipo U8T. Pipo ‘broke the barrier’ with a Rockchip processor in its device, which apparently encouraged other companies to consider making their own chipsets for Microsoft’s devices.

MediaTek to expand to other markets

MediaTek is famous for producing budget, entry-level processors for smartphones, and its primary market is Asia. But, since MediaTek increased quality of its products, the company now wants to expand to European and North American markets, and integration with Windows 10 seems like a perfect opportunity for that.

This could be beneficial for Microsoft, as well, expecially in the low-end and mid-range segment, because the company will get quality chipsets, for a lower price. Based on users’ experience with MediaTek processors in some newer devices powered by its chipsets, one thing’s for sure – MediaTek drastically improved performance of its processors, and it can now compete with Qualcomm, but for more affordable prices.

Last year, MediaTek released some quality chipsets, like MediaTek Helio X10 and MT6753, and this year we expect even better Helio P10 and Helio X20 processors. So, if this rumor proves to be true, we could have a Windows 10 Mobile device powered by, for example Helio X20 processor, which could finally mean an ‘affordable Windows 10 Mobile flagship.”


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