MEGA app for Windows 10 solves compatibility and out of date issues

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MEGA has been involved in development projects that have garnered them favor from both larger and smaller communities. They are known for developing a Windows 8 phone app but also influencing the Linux community by coming up with a Linux client that operates MEGA’s OCS service. (OCS is short for Online Cloud Storage.) Now, news has surfaced regarding the future development efforts of MEGA due to a Tweet addressed to them at the end of last week.

It all started when a curious person named Ben asked MEGA about their future endeavors. The tweet asked them if they had any plans on porting their already existing Windows Phone 8 mobile application to the newer platform, which is Windows Universal. The argument for this inquiry was that Windows Universal currently hosts more than four hundred million users, which would be good enough reason for any developer to look into investing resources in said platform.

After MEGA confirmed the fact that they are indeed working on a project involving the mentioned topics, the same Ben returned for another question, this time wondering if him — alongside everyone else interested — would get to see any palpable progress in the near future or if is it more plausible that development will reach advanced stages only sometime next year.

Unfortunately, MEGA’s response did not pack any kind of joy for users,as they apologized for not being able to produce an official time frame, only stating that the app or app port will be available “as soon as possible”.

This arrival of this update will be undoubtedly opportune, as the current app is by no means up to par with current standards. What that means is that the current MEGA app for Windows 8 is drastically outdated and even further slowed down on Windows 10 due to the lack of backwards compatibility offered by the latter. While an update or port would be appreciated, surely a full blown new app will be more suitable for the large number of users that MEGA hosts, most being drawn by the 50 GB of free storage space that the free service provider offers.  A very likely outcome would be the release of a Windows Universal app, which would also offer compatibility with desktop computers and hybrid laptops.



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