Windows 8, 10 Meme-Generator App gets Improved

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If you want to generate memes straight from your Windows 8 tablet, then there are plenty of apps that you can use to do it. Our favorite such app is simply called “Meme-Generator” and it’s also one of the best, if not the best meme generating app for Windows 8 users. And now a new update has made it even better.
meme maker windows 8 app
Memes are an online social phenomenon and websites like 9gag and others have contributed to its incredible success. There are plenty of meme makers and generator apps for iOS and Android users, but if you’re looking for one especially tailored for Windows 8, be it on a desktop or touch interface, then Meme-Generator is what you need to try out first. What’s impressive about it is that there are more than 200 meme templates to choose from, so you will definitely find the one that better describes your situation.

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Creating memes is really easy on Windows 8 with this app

Meme-Generator lets you create your own memes. Add your own images to create custom memes or choose from the available templates. Save the created meme or share it with your friends.

windows 8 meme generator appAccording to the changelog, the latest version of Meme-Generator app for Windows 8 makes the meme creation process even easier, as memes are generated when you finish typing or when you change font size. Besides this, the developer has added 5 new memes – Bad Boss, Batman slap Robin, Household Magician, I don’t know who you are and Web Developer Walrus. The app is not supported by ads but yet, it is available for a free download (link at the end of the article).

You can also create a list of your favorite memes that you frequently use, so you won’t have to browse for them through the entire collection. What’s really cool is that you can even search for memes using the Search Charm, so you won’t have to open the app at all. After you have done creating your meme, you can share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or Skydrive, which is soon going to be called OneDrive. Did you like the above meme that I created?

Download Meme-Generator app for Windows 8


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