Micro Machines World Series comes to Xbox One and Windows 10 in April

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Codemasters has announced that Micro Machines World Series is coming to Windows 10 PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in April. A fresh take on the classic racing franchise, Micro Machines World Series introduces high-definition visuals for the classic locations including the kitchen, garden, and workshop while retaining the series’ manic social gameplay.

The game can support as many as 12 players online and four players via local play across various racing and battling platforms. Along with a wide array of customizations, the game will also launch with a unique set of weapons and abilities for each of the 12 vehicles.

The classic game modes like Race and Elimination will also ship with the game. On top of that, Micro Machines World Series will also add a new style of game play to the series: Battle Mode. Battle Arenas will let players wreak mass destruction on a miniature scale against your human or AI opponents. Team Play will also allow friends to collaborate with the use of the vehicles’ unique skills with modes such as King of the Hill or Capture the Flag. Watch the trailer below:

The game’s upcoming launch marks the return of Codies behind the wheel after the developers unveiled a Micro Machines game in 2006 in the form of Micro Machines V4. Codemasters released the original title in 1991 as a tie-in to the tiny toy vehicles called Micro Machines.

Micro Machines World Series will let players race their vehicles around the garden, a breakfast table, bathtub, desk and other circuits in the household with the goal of dodging hazards including orange juice, cereal, bath suds, pebbles, and books.

To add intensity to the race, the game allows leading racers to eliminate those trailing drivers. But the further you get ahead of the race, the harder it would get to avoid obstacles.

Are you eager to race with Micro Machines World Series? Let us know by dropping a comment below.



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