Microsoft 365 moves to General availability for Privacy Management

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • A new Privacy Management for Microsoft 365 service has been released.
  • The tool was previously in preview but has now been moved to general availability.
  • The aim is to automate privacy processes and help organizations to better comply with regulations.

Microsoft has made a move to release the privacy management for the Microsoft 365 service. The tool has been for a long time resided in preview but will now move to general availability. 

The move is geared towards helping organizations to better comply with regulations as they have been handling their own privacy processes manually with the help of Microsoft 365 apps and other platforms.

Enhanced privacy

The manual handling of processes had an impact on privacy, and many organizations had an issue with this, especially during data tracking.

With automated processing, the Privacy management solves this problem. The service is currently available on OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Teams.

Another catch is that it is only available to companies on board on the E5 licensing plan for M365.

Better functionality

For more accurate automation, Microsoft uses artificial intelligence models to help with the assessment of real-time risks on privacy.

It leverages data classification and uses mapping intelligence so that organizations can gather information on their current status and trends on the projected privacy risks when data is being shared, transferred, or unused.

The Privacy Management for Microsoft 365 works in three processes. It detects potential risks in data storage, gives organizations access to automate responses to subject requests, and provides data handling-related education for employees.

The move will definitely change how organizations view and manage their data.

What key features will your organization benefit from with the general availability move made by Microsoft? Let us know in the comment section.