You now have access to Windows 11 with Microsoft 365

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  • During the latest Ignite conference, Microsoft made an announcement that will please users.
  • Windows 11 is now also available through this payable subscription service for the virtual PC.
  • The new operating system will therefore run, no matter where you are, on a virtual TPM.
  • You can also use this service from any device you have available, including Mac and Android.
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As we all know, back in July, Microsoft announced Windows 365, The new Cloud PC service actually enables customers to install Windows 10 or Windows 11 in the cloud and stream the OS to virtually any device out there. 

The Windows 11 version of Windows 365 will run on top of what Redmond developers call a virtual Trusted Platform Module.

Built on Azure Virtual Desktops, the service is similar to XCloud service, which allows you to stream games from the cloud.

That virtual TPM, as well as the Windows 11 option, is now immediately available, as we found out from yesterday’s Ignite conference.

Microsoft also added Windows 11 to Microsoft 365

To make sure you get the bigger picture, Windows 365 runs similarly to Netflix or many other cloud-hosted apps.

In the case of Netflix, you can fast-forward the stream, and the server responsible for streaming the movie will adjust the stream accordingly.

Similarly, Windows 365 allows you to tap your keyboard or click your mouse, and your interactions are fed up into the cloud, too.

Here, Microsoft is adding a few new tweaks that allow users to change local resource settings such as printers, microphones, and keyboards on demand.

Another enhancement added by the tech giant also allows IT admins to pull a user’s access immediately, rather than wait the normally required seven days.

Microsoft stated that with Windows 365, it will be possible to leave your dedicated PC at home and work on any device in a pinch, including your Mac, your iPad, or your Android or Linux device.

What Microsoft didn’t announce yet is a solution for some of the quirks that Windows 365 has, such as its outbound data cap and the lack of downgrades to its virtual hardware.

Another fact worth mentioning is that Redmond officials announced that the company will add the scheduling and deployments of Windows feature updates into Intune, its enterprise software management service.

At some point, there was even a huge issue that could permit malicious third parties to get their hands on your Azure credentials.

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