Microsoft is Working on Four New Accessories for Windows 10 Mobile, Including One Device for Continuum

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The site recently revealed  codenames of a couple of accessories we can expect to follow new phones Microsoft is planning to release later this year. These devices go by (code)names of “Munchkin,” “Valora,” “Murano,” and “Ivanna/Livanna.” The site also showed us the graphic which tell us details about these devices.
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Probably the most notable and most interesting of these devices is “Munchkin,” which reportedly is a dock-like device for Windows 10 Mobile that will allow you to use the new Continuum feature for Windows Phone. This accessory should operate as a hub with connections for USB and video output for those who don’t have a compatible wireless display. As Microsoft said, Continuum for phones will work with a Miracast display and Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, but with “Munchkin,” or Nokia CR200, as shown on the picture, people who don’t have Miracst device could use this amazing feature as well.

Along with the new continuum device, Microsoft will probably release a new version of Nokia Treasure tag, with new options and tracking capabilities. Nokia Treasure tag is a simple tracking device, which allows users to attach it to some stuff of theirs, and it will notify them when they’re about to get far from that object. New Treasure tag (codename “Valora”) will come with a couple of new features, including new “Motion Guard,” which is going to tell you when your ‘tagged’ object is moving.

And the last two devices from the picture will be a new Miracast adapter and Bluetooth speaker, codenamed “Murano” and “Ivanna/Livana” respectfully. Unfortunately, we don’t know if there are any new features or improvements for these devices, as we only know what they will be, but Microsoft will surely reveal more info in the near future.

Releasing these accessories, especially Munchkin, is a great way to promote Windows Phone devices, because with continuum feature for phones, Microsoft might achieve something rival companies tried, but failed, it can bring using of phones to the whole new level.

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