Microsoft’s all-in-one device could be called Surface Studio

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The rumors starting flying after Microsoft filed some trademarks related to its Surface range of products, sparking discussions about a new device from the brand with the code name Surface AIO, where AIO stands for All In One. While this is certainly not what the device is called, people refer to it this way to make clear which device they are talking about. While the trademarks filed by Microsoft, one in particular for “Paint 3D”, might just be protocol or playing it safe, it also could mean the company is preparing for the newest device in the series.

A rumoured aspect of the Surface Studio includes the addition of the latest Intel processor (the Kaby Lake model). What other goodies the device contains is currently unknown, but sooner or later the announcement for a new device will clarify this mystery.

According to The Trademark Ninja, Surface related trademarks were also filed by a Slovenian company which may or may not be related to Microsoft, further fueling speculation about what the company is planning. Still, the possibility of the company not being associated with Microsoft while also being a fairly new company is pretty low, as it wouldn’t be a smart business decision to start trademark fights with a company of Microsoft’s size while you’re just coming up in the business world.

While the Surface Studio is largely considered as being the one in all device planned by Microsoft, there is another product called the Surface Dial, but its functions and role are currently unknown to the public. More information on both devices should surface on the 26th of October when Microsoft hosts its live event.



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