Here’s how Microsoft is planning to integrate AI in its products

by Radu Tyrsina
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Build 2017 introduced lots of Microsoft goodies and the new Custom Cognitive Services are some of them.

More than 568,000 developers signed up for Microsoft Cognitive Services

Since its release back in 2015, Microsoft Cognitive Services has managed to get over 568,000 developers from over 60 countries to sign up for it — a pretty impressive achievement. Microsoft proudly announced that “Today, 568,000+ developers from more than 60 of countries are using Microsoft Cognitive Services that allow systems to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret our needs.”

At Build 2017, a list of new fresh services was unveiled. These include Bing Custom Search, Custom Vision Service, Custom Decision Service, and Video Indexer, for a a total of 29 services now available for developers.

AI’s availability for developers raises

Microsoft plans on taking this initiative farther by enhancing AI availability for developers as a whole. To do this, Microsoft Cognitive Services Labs will put the creation of AI into the hands of developers. From now on, custom AIs will be able to be constructed and submitted to the community for further development.  expanding the reach of AI services for apps.

Azure Batch AI Training is now available in preview to custom train deep neutral networks. This will include training the models to use any framework such as Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, TensorFlow, and Caffe. Microsoft’s goal here is to add more humanity to computer interactions by offering app developers the ability to make more natural experiences using data.

The company is currently putting AI into every one of its available products and services, beginning a fusion of AI and Azure together to obtain something that Microsoft considers to be the most comprehensive AI platform.


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