No more Microsoft Authenticator on Apple Watches from January 2023

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Using Microsoft's Authenticator to stay safe on Apple Watches will no longer be possible.
  • The company will discontinue the software due to incompatibility with security features.
  • This change will start going into effect in early January 2023, so start finding replacements.
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Security should be the number one priority for everyone surfing the web nowadays, especially considering how hackers and other malicious third parties operate.

Exposing yourself to cyberattacks even in the slightest of ways could have disastrous consequences, especially for companies and enterprises, where the stakes are higher.

If you aren’t already a user, just know that Microsoft’s Authenticator app is a great option for those who need a free cross-platform password manager and 2FA code generator.

That being said, if you were using the application on your Apple watch, you won’t be able to do so anymore starting early next year.

Microsoft discontinues Authenticator app on Apple Watches

Microsoft Authenticator and its extensions are available on all mainstream platforms and browsers, but the tech giant plans to pull the plug on one in early 2023.

Microsoft’s official documentation revealed that the company will soon discontinue the Authenticator app on Apple watches.

Redmond officials say they decided to pull Authenticator off watchOS because of compatibility issues with the OS’s security features.

Thus, starting January 2023, users will no longer have or receive the option to install the Microsoft Authenticator application on the Apple Watch or use any of its features.

The Redmond-based tech company also clarified that the decision to ditch watchOS will not affect the app on other platforms, so you can continue using the service on Android, iOS, Chrome, and Edge.

As you surely know, Microsoft’s Authenticator is not the first app designed by the company to leave one of Apple’s operating systems. 

Back in October 2022, Microsoft removed its SwiftKey keyboard from the App Store, but the app returned shortly with a big promise of new features and improvements.

Recent actions show that the Authenticator for the Apple Watch will not receive the same treatment as the underlying reason for abandoning the app is not something Microsoft can fix alone.

What are your feelings on this recent Microsoft decision? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below.

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