Microsoft Authenticator notifies you about unusual account events

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Microsoft just released an update for its Authenticator app that will allow the app to push security notifications to your devices on the occurrence of some important events.  Some of these events include unusual sign-in activity, changes in the password, phone number and email address.

What’s New In The Update?

Microsoft states that the alerts will help users to protect their accounts after receiving the alerts. They will now be in a better position to take necessary actions by viewing their suspicious account activities. The tech giant aims to increase awareness among the users to enable them to react quickly in case of an unusual event or activity.Microsoft Authenticator alerts

The app will allow you to take the necessary actions (i.e update security contact info or password change) for account protection right from within the app.

The Microsoft Authenticator app (Android & iOS) has been designed to facilitate the sign-in process for those who are using Skype, OneDrive, Outlook and other products including the Azure Directory. 

An in-app notification is sent out to the smartphone users that saves them from typing the long and complex passwords. They can then sign-in to the app or Microsoft’s site by using the “Approve” button and a verification code.

The sign-in is also approved by using the on-device biometric sensors. The owners of the iPhone X are required to look at the Face ID cameras of the device in order to sign-in.  While the second layer of security is applied in the case if the sign-in attempt is actually from a new device or location. It might happen while the user is travelling, and an SMS alert and an email are sent out to the users.

How Does This Benefit The Users?

Millions of the smartphone who rely on Microsoft’s core products can take advantage of the latest feature. Especially when they have to access highly sensitive information such as ebanking or online shopping.

You can also check out the FAQs section on Microsoft’s site if you have any additional questions. It is highly recommended that the users should ensure the security of their account by reviewing their sign-in activity from the Security basics page.

About 10 million users have already downloaded the app from Google Play Store. If you have not tried the Microsoft Authenticator app yet, you can download it from the App or Play Store. 



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