Microsoft Azure is set to pass Amazon Web Services in sales

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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microsoft azure vs aws

Microsoft outdid itself when it launched Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. For those of you that don’t know, it is a service that provides a private connection between an organization’s on-premises infrastructure and Microsoft Azure data centers.

While at first a mere business idea and experiment, it has now grown at an unexpected rate, rivaling already well-known services in the business.

In fact, it is expected to pass even giants like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Azure surprising growth in the cloud business

Esteemed tech analysts from around the world have been closely observing activity for Microsoft’s Azure cloud business. They have noted how surprised they were of the rapid growth, and how it easily manages to steal businesses from long-time favorite, Amazon Web Services.

Enterprise customers and partners we have spoken to over the past few weeks indicate a clear acceleration of larger and more strategic enterprise cloud deals as Redmond is poised to win the majority of the next phase of cloud deployments versus the likes of Amazon and Bezos,

This led analysist to maintain their opinion of giving Microsoft stock a Buy rating, urging for a 195$ price target. This target itself would be 20% more than where it is currently at the moment.

Microsoft Azure outshines AWS

Wall Street gambled on Azure growth and this alone lead to a stock surging of over 55% the past year. This growth is mainly due to the incredible growth rates of Azure versus AWS, alone.

More so, sales reached a high-point of 50% for Microsoft Azure. In contrast, AWS was far behind it with a growth of only 39% in the past quarter.

The final nail in AWS’s coffin seems to be Microsoft Azure winning the coveted $10 billion JEDI cloud contract from the U.S. government.

While Amazon is contesting the bidding process, Microsoft Azure getting it seems to be inevitable.

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