Microsoft Azure, VMware and Dell enter a new Hybrid Cloud era

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Microsoft is finally bringing its VMware program to Azure Cloud as a result of the recent partnership between Microsoft, VMware, and Dell. 

Microsoft Azure will soon get some of the best VMware features. Furthermore, the two companies also revealed their plans to bring NSX to Azure, which is one of the popular networking programs of VMware.

Users of VMware Workspace ONE and Microsoft 365 will be able to easily manage their Office 365 accounts running on different devices.

Interestingly, Dell is also a part of the deal and will be selling preconfigured Windows PCs to different companies. These systems can run cloud-based virtual desktops. VMware software is going to manage the entire infrastructure.

A nerve-wracking partnership for Amazon

Both companies confirmed that users can now easily run and manage their existing and new apps across Azure and VMware environments.

Furthermore, Azure VMware Solutions will also support various other customer services including an expansion of the data center and migration of apps.

This deal is going to be nerve-wracking for Amazon. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware entered into a partnership back in 2016.

As a matter of fact, Amazon’s growth in the cloud market depends on its partnership with VMware. However, Microsoft turned out to be extremely successful in the hybrid-cloud market with its Azure cloud platform.

On the other hand, 0.5 billion of Amazon customers use VMware’s data-center. That is how Amazon is competing against Microsoft.

A decade-long war between  VMware and Microsoft came to an end in 2017, when the company decided to bring VMware software to Azure.

Now it seems like both companies have learnt the importance of working together. There is no word from Microsoft or VMware on when the new services will be available to the general public. We expect an initial preview to land by the end of this year.



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