Microsoft Band 2 December Update Brings Plenty of Bugs

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It’s updates season at Microsoft! After updates for Windows 10, Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, and Windows Server 2016, the company released the new update (December Update) for its wearable gadget, Microsoft Band 2. The update brought some nice new features, but unfortunately, just like it’s the case with most of Microsoft’s updates this fall, it also delivered a lot of bugs.

More than six bugs have been reported by users on forums in just a short period of time. So, we’re going to write about these reported problems, so you don’t be surprised if you encounter some of them on your Microsoft Band 2.

Microsoft Band 2 Update Brings a Lot of Bugs

First reported bug is a strange Bluetooth connectivity issue. Namely, whenever you try to connect your phone with any Bluetooth headphones, the connection would not be possible. This problem doesn’t appear only with headphones, as it also occurs when you try to connect other devices via Bluetooth, even phones.

“Hi All, after the update my Band’s Bluetooth is not turning on, I power off and on few times, Bluetooth turned on and off in the band few times but no joy.. My phone says it is paired up with the band however on the band Bluetooth is off.”

Since we’re talking about pairing devices, users also report that you’re not able to pair Microsoft Band 2 with an Android 6.0.1 device. But apparently, this is not a Band problem, as the latest version of Android is still incompatible with Band 2.

The new update also caused some issues with Microsoft’s personal Assistant, Cortana. As some users are unable to communicate with it to control the device.

“After the update yesterday, my Band 2 looses Cortana function with my Lumia 640 running the latest W10M build. Do you experience the same issue? The other connection is fine, I can sync, can control music, can receive notification, but just cannot start Cortana on my phone.
Previously, it has about 70% percent success rate working with Cortana; even when it does not, it actually starts Cortana on my phone (I can see the Cortana on phone screen), but loses communication after that. “

We continue with some more connection problems. GPS feature appears to be unavailable for some users after the upgrade. But this is not the first time users encounter problems with GPS, as similar issues appeared on Band 1, as well.

“Went on my first run today with the new Band 2, and sadly I have to report that my GPS did not find a fix in the 51minutes I ran ;(
Same sh*t that happened to me with the Band 1 continously. Worked 1 time than not the 2nd time… countless factory resets

As we said, December update for Microsoft Band 2 brought some new features, but it looks like even new features doesn’t function well for all users. Namely, the December update provided the ability to give your Exercise activates activities a custom name, or to assign it to a category. And guess what? Some users who tried to give a custom name to their workout noticed that it doesn’t work.

If you encountered some other problem on your Microsoft Band 2, after the December update, please let us know. Microsoft didn’t provide any solutions for these problems yet, but we’ll update the article as soon as we find something. Stay tuned.


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