Microsoft Band 2 $75 discount extended for three more weeks

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It seems Microsoft really wants to get rid of all the Band 2 devices it has on stock, as it extended the $75 discount for another three weeks. This means you can still buy the Microsoft Band 2 for only  $175, down from $249.99.

The $75 discount was due to end today, but Microsoft decided to go on with the price cut and continue to offer the Band 2 at a lower price. Microsoft’s decision is probably hinting at a future Band 3 device, which could be released in October.

Although this is only a rumor, various signs have been adding lately pointing that there is a seed of truth in these rumor after all. First, the company is already replacing some Band 2 models’ straps which suffered from cracking rubber with straps made of a more durable material, which could be used for the next Band models.

Secondly, Microsoft isn’t refilling the Band 2 stock anymore because it’s focusing on the third generation wearable which could be released this fall. Actually, the tech giant is doing everything it can to sell all the Microsoft Band 2 devices left in order to make room for the next generation Band.

It would be interesting to see what happens is the Band 2 stock is not depleted by the end of July. If the rumors related to the Band 3 are indeed true, four scenarios are possible:

  1. Microsoft continues to offer the Band 2 at the discounted $175 price.
  2. Microsoft raises the stakes and offers a bigger discount.
  3. The company bundles the Band 2 with a top-selling product.
  4. Microsoft offers the remaining Band 2 devices as giveaways.

You can buy the Microsoft Band 2 from the Microsoft Store for $175.



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