Microsoft Band 2 still shows inaccurate tracking results, users complain

by Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft released an improved version of its original Band device, the Microsoft Band 2 in October last year, hoping it will improve the device, and deliver the best possible fitness tracking experience to its owners. However, ever since its release, the Band 2 actually causes a lot of problems to users, and complaints are just coming in.

Users constantly complain that the Microsoft Band 2 isn’t accurate enough. Some people complain about inaccurate heart rate, some complaining about inaccurate floor counter, and so on.

  • “Wrong count of stairs : this morning I woke up and i made only about 700 steps INSIDE my house and my band tells me I made 15 stair’s floors. (other time it count about 150-200 stair’s floor!!)”
  • “I just purchased the band 2 and was very excited to use a device that did not need a chest strap.  My typical workouts consist of cardio at the beginning and weight-lifting with super-sets.  During my cardio on the elliptical appeared accurate based on what I am accustomed to seeing using my Motorola.  During my weight-lifting, there were periods that my heart-rate was a lot higher that what I have seen in the past using my Motorola, especially during periods that I was not breathing hard, the heart-rate was high.  My question – is there anyway to calibrate the heart-rate monitor?  I just want to ensure those higher readings are accurate.”

Sine these problems were originally spotted, Microsoft has been recommending people various solutions and workarounds for them. For example, the company says that if the Band 2 doesn’t fit you well, it will probably calculate your heart rate wrong. It also released various patching update for the device, but issues just seem to be still present.

These inaccuracy problems are exactly the reason why reviews of the Microsoft Band 2 are not so great. Basically everyone says that the Microsoft Band 2 is a good device in general, but still lacks that ‘something’ to be the best fitness tracking device on the market.

Unfortunately, because of the situation, we don’t have a proper solution for inaccuracy issues in Microsoft Band. But if you managed to solve some of these problems on your own, please don’t feel free to let us know in the comments.


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