Bandsider is a social app for Microsoft Band users

by Ivan Jenic
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Microsoft improved the social features of its Microsoft Band device with the latest set of updates, but you can make it even more sociable by using some third-party apps. One of these apps is the Bandsider, which serves as a social network for Microsoft’s smart band.

Bandsider can be used as a tool for interacting with other Microsoft Band users. It gives you the ability to chat with your friends through direct messages, improving the social aspects of Microsoft Band by a large degree. You can also organize various fitness challenges and compete with your friends. Additionally, Bandsider has the ability to show you the location of other connected users so you can know what your friends are doing at any time.

The app can also be used for customizing the Microsoft Band experience as it features a handful of skins, themes, and tile tweaks. In case you got bored with your Band’s current interface, give it your own touch with Bandsider.

Bandsider is a Universal Windows 10 app meaning that it works on every Windows 10-powered device you own. But as developers mentioned on the app’s Store page, you’ll need to install the app on your paired device first before it will work across all platforms.

Judging by reviews of the app from the Store, users are pretty satisfied with it as a lot of them said that Bandsider is exactly what the Microsoft Band needed. And indeed, while Microsoft Band 2 is one of the best fitness tracking devices out there, it lacks a lot of social features. With apps like Bandsider and Microsoft’s efforts to bring additional updates and social improvements, users might finally get the proper Microsoft Band using experience.

The app is available  for the price of $1.99, so if you’re interested in using Bandsider, just head over to the Store and purchase it.

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